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Alternative Multi-Strategy Portfolios

Harnessing the full spectrum of alternative strategies

Alternative investments provide returns that seek to be independent of traditional asset classes such as equities or bonds. They aim to diversify investors’ portfolios, so that investors don’t “put all their eggs in one basket”. Not only lower risk, but also higher returns are an important goal of alternatives as they add new return drivers to portfolios.
Hedge Funds are a key mainstay of alternative investments, having grown steadily to over USD 3 trillion of industry assets spread across roughly 10’000 funds. These include a wide variety of completely different strategies like Global Macro, Equity Long/Short, Event Driven and Relative Value.
By combining the different strategies and their great diversity of return drivers, our goal is to build portfolios that show steady as well as diversifying returns.
Our investment approach for alternative multi-strategy portfolios is based on:
  • Macro analysis that identifies opportunity sets for different strategies – What works, what doesn’t work in prevailing markets.
  • Rigorous operational and investment due diligence of funds – Selecting only managers with sound operations and a proven ability to generate consistent returns.
  • Portfolio construction that focuses on low market dependency.
We apply the above approach both to traditional offshore hedge funds as well as to UCITS alternative funds, thereby providing investors solutions that fit their needs in terms of liquidity and regulation.
The J. Safra Sarasin Group has a long and successful tradition as an investor in hedge funds, dating back to the 1980’s. Our portfolios are managed by Claude Steele, a seasoned investment professional with a longstanding experience in hedge funds and a proven track record in alternatives.
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