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Sustainable Equities Next-Gen Consumer

Harnessing the Full Power of the Next Generation

Next-generation consumers were born after 1981 and account for two-thirds of the global population. They are on track to become the highest income earners, making them a powerful cohort able to shape the consumption patterns of tomorrow. They are best characterised as tech savvy, creative thinkers on the quest for unique experiences to create lifelong memories. Next-gen consumers are influencing older generations and, as a result, overall consumption trends.
At J. Safra Sarasin, we believe that by understanding Next-Gen consumers, it is possible to anticipate future consumption habits and capitalise on the opportunities emerging from it.
Our Stategy
Our distinctive strategy aims to generate attractive long-term returns while participating in the growth of next-gen consumption themes.
As a result, we seek investment opportunities globally by targeting established companies with strong competitive advantages, and trend-setters - smaller companies that are creating new markets. In addition, we consider companies’ efforts to align with the era of responsible consumption. This combination enables us to maximise the return potential and build a well-diversified portfolio that fully harnesses the power of the next-gen consumer:
  • Responsible Living (e.g. smart mobility, nutrition and sports)
  • Seamless & Connected (e.g. e-commerce and digital payments)
  • Experience First (e.g. live events and the metaverse)
  • Premium Offering (e.g. luxury products and quality content)
Our Investment Approach
Our investment process is underpinned by a specialised research-driven investment approach that results in a high conviction portfolio. Our in-house sustainable investing expertise is an additional important element in our differentiated approach. Integrating ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) factors into our investment process strengthens our analysis. It enables us to identify companies with strong ESG credentials that provide solutions to improve environmental and social outcomes. This leads to better idea generation while increasing the quality of the portfolio.
Our Team
The portfolio is managed by Jean-Charles Belvo, CFA, and Kaisa Paavilainen, CFA, two experienced investment professionals who have in-depth understanding of consumer trends. Jean-Charles has over 12 years of experience in the industry and brings extensive knowledge from his prior roles as equity analyst and portfolio manager. Kaisa brings over 20 years of longstanding expertise in company financial analysis, of which half are in fundamental equity research/portfolio management with a focus on the consumer sector.
The JSS Sustainable Equity - Consumer Brands fund is an Article 8 fund under SFDR. Find out more.
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