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Improved Hygiene: Killing Germs, Saving Lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted demand for hygiene and personal protection equipment (PPE) products in hospital, elderly care and private settings. While sales will inevitably taper off after the pandemic phase of the virus, we see a longer-lasting tail benefit driven by change in consumer behaviour. As any good doctor will tell you, preventing is better than curing. We see improved hygiene as a long-term structural consumer health trend with several growth drivers.
Good hygiene is an important driver of human health within a population. This can take the form of personal hygiene using soap or hand sanitizers, personal protective equipment (PPE), food hygiene, sterilization of equipment in hospitals/ food processing, and monitoring microbes within environments. There has been an increased focus on good hygiene as a form of first defence against infectious diseases during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we expect this change in behaviour to persist post-pandemic as individuals take more responsibility for their own health. On an organisational level, we anticipate that improved hygiene strategies will remain in place post-pandemic for risk-mitigation, as a way of improving productivity by reducing absenteeism, and to help fight against antimicrobial resistance.

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