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Responsible Equities India Strategy

The next decade of growth belongs to India. India’s GDP is expected to increase by 7-8% for the next few years and research by the IMF suggests that by the end of 2030 India will be bigger than Germany and Japan, becoming the third-largest economy after the US and China. Its young work force and increasing income and wealth per capita provide a rich set of opportunities for investors in the years to come.
Our Responsible Equities India strategy allows investors to participate in the country’s growth and to do so in a responsible way.
The strategy uses a universe of responsible Indian stocks based on the sustainable research of Bank J. Safra Sarasin. The sub-advisor of the strategy is UTI Asset Management, one of India’s foremost asset management firms.
The portfolio manager of the fund, Ajay Tyagi of UTI, pursues a fundamental stock picking approach:
  • Rigorous stock selection process striving to invest in responsible high quality businesses that have a sustainable growth path in front of them.
  • Investments predominantly in Consumer goods, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Private sector banks and the Auto sector, which benefit from India’s consumption boom.
  • Quality attributes and strong balance sheets with low, to no debt provide resilience to the portfolio.
Ajay Tyagi, Portfolio Advisor of the JSS Responsible Equity –– India Fund, said:
“Our high quality, high growth strategy in India has been able to deliver alpha consistently over the last decade. Within this portfolio, we have observed that companies that measure up well on the responsible framework have done even better. This is precisely why we are excited about the prospects of the Responsible Equities India strategy which will operate at the trisection of quality, growth and responsible investing.”
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