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Sustainable Bonds, Euro Broad Market

Sustainable investing with a dynamic allocation between sovereign and corporate bonds

High quality bonds in the euro broad market bring stability to investment portfolios. Given today's market environment, this is a particularly valuable quality.
The strategy invests only in bonds denominated in euros from issuers that are sustainable (rated JSS “A”), according to our ESG investing approach. Additionally, the strategy has the flexibility to dynamically allocate between sovereign and corporate bonds. Therefore, it benefits from the stability and defensiveness of sovereign bonds, while capturing attractive opportunities in the corporate credit market, which helps to enhance investment returns.
The strategy is managed by a seasoned portfolio management team supported by our Economic and Sustainability Research teams. The fund has a long and solid track record of outperforming its benchmark and peers, and is rated 4-star by Morningstar.
Integrating sustainability into the investment process helps us to mitigate risks (e.g., legal, environmental, reputational risks) that are typically overlooked when assessing only the credit quality of the issuer. Sustainability also helps to identify attractive opportunities through our ESG (Environmental, Social & Governmental) analysis.

Why Invest in Sustainable Sovereign and Corporate Bonds?

"Ultimately, in the long run the best investment will always be bonds from issuers with an outstanding credit. And importantly, credit means the financial capacity plus the moral capacity to pay back principal. In addition to the common sense of an experienced credit officer, sustainable investing is becoming a valuable tool to evaluate the moral quality of an issuer." –– Florian Weber, Senior Portfolio Manager
The JSS Sustainable Bond – Euro Broad fund has been awarded two stars from Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen and with the SRI Award 2022.
FNG 2 stars        SRI Award
The fund is an Article 9 fund under SFDR. Find out more.
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