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Sustainable High Yield Bonds

Sustainable investing as enhanced risk management

High yield bonds offer equity-like returns, yet with lower volatility because of bond attributes: regular coupon payments and bond prices that converge towards PAR value.
The strategy is managed in-house by a team of seasoned investment professionals with long experience, high levels of expertise and a proven track record. The high yield team works with J. Safra Sarasin’s fixed income, credit and macro research teams. As with other JSS fixed income strategies, the Sustainable Global High Yield portfolio is managed conservatively and with a long-term perspective.
Our strategy ensures that our investors actively preserve natural resources, protect the interests of future generations, promote social well-being and invest responsibly, without compromising on potential returns.
Our Sustainability Investment Approach mitigates risks that are usually greatly underestimated. Examples include legal, reputational, environmental and operational risks. In the long run this will contribute to generate attractive returns.
“On the average and over long periods, the life-span yields realized on high-grade bonds were below those on low-grade bonds, with the result that investors, in the aggregate, obtained better returns on the low grades.”
- Hickman, W. Braddock, 1958. “Introduction and Summary of Findings.” Corporate Bond Quality and Investor Experience, partial text from pages 14-15. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press for National Bureau of Economic Research
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