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Sustainable Equity Future Health

The global coronavirus outbreak has increased the recognition and urgency for better healthcare systems globally. It will accelerate the ongoing dynamic shifts in the landscape triggered, among others, by demographic shifts, the rise of health-conscious consumers and innovative medical technologies.
Our distinctive strategy aims to capture growth opportunities across health trends by investing in leading and innovative companies whose products and services contribute to the improvement of health outcomes in cost-efficient and convenient ways. To this end, we seek investment opportunities both within the traditional healthcare sector and beyond, by targeting companies that are using modern technology to drive better health outcomes through improved services, infrastructure, medical devices, therapeutics, nutrition and fitness options.
Our investment process is underpinned by specialized research-driven investment approach which results in a high conviction and balanced portfolio. Our in-house sustainable investing expertise is a further element of our differentiated approach. We have found that integrating Environment, Social, and Governance factors strengthen our analysis. It enables us to better identify companies exposed to future health trends, to gain superior confidence in our investment cases and to limit the risk of fraud, corruption, marketing malpractices and questionable clinical trials.
The portfolio is managed by Pierin Menzli and Terence McManus, two experienced investment professionals. Pierin has extensive portfolio management experience, in-depth expertise in the healthcare and the consumer sector as well as in sustainable investments. He is also responsible for the Thematic Equities team. Terence has in-depth analyst experience covering the healthcare sector. He holds a PhD in Neurophysiology and brings additional experience as an industry consultant and bio-scientist. Meanwhile, Tomasz has quantitative and in-depth technology expertise.


Hear more about the impact of COVID-19 and the benefits of our strategy from our Lead Portfolio Manager
The fund is an Article 8 fund under SFDR. Find out more. The fund has been awarded two stars from Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen and with the SRI Award 2022.
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