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Sustainable Thematic Multi-Asset Investing

A complete portfolio solution by Sarasin & Partners

Investors are currently facing several challenges: lower expected returns, less diversification from fixed income and higher risk of losses due to rising yields. Moreover, markets are becoming increasingly dislocated and the overall lower drawdown tolerance jeopardises exposure to most attractive assets.
Multi-asset investments allow you to gain exposure across a diverse range of asset classes within a single fund. We have a long track record of selecting the appropriate blend of assets for a range of strategies with varying risk-return levels. Our solution aims to achieve a real return with a lower risk profile than pure stock market alternatives, by investing on a global basis. We offer an all-weather investment strategy with attractive return expectations and a moderate risk profile.
Multi-asset investment philosophy: Long-term, high conviction, valuation focused
Our multi-asset approach consistently incorporates three key characteristics:
Long-term: We focus our research efforts on identifying long-term trends missed or underappreciated by the wider market.
High conviction: Our global and multi-asset approach allows us to invest in our highest conviction ideas. We are not constrained by asset class, sector or region and construct concentrated portfolios.
Valuation focused: We focus on fundamentals and whether we think the market is accurately reflecting those in valuations, both at the asset class and security levels, as elevated valuations tend to translate into lower future returns.
Harnessing a broad range of skills and experience
Our multi-asset approach begins with the analysis of the investment landscape, along with insights from the asset class teams, and agreeing on the dynamic tactical positioning of our multi-asset portfolios.
We also benefit from the skills of our in-house analyst teams, who cover a diverse range of asset classes, constantly looking for undervalued investment opportunities across the entire global market.
Our equity team follows a well-defined global thematic approach. Portfolios are structured around long-term trends rather than backward-looking indices. The ability to step outside of traditional indices and style boxes provides additional diversification benefits. Each stage of our highly differentiated stock selection process helps the investment team to build conviction and focus on long-term success attributes.
Experienced fixed income professionals analyse patterns in economic growth, interest rates and inflation over the long-term. We prioritize a deep understanding of fixed income markets and intensive analysis of specific opportunities. Our team always seeks strong fundamentals and good relative value, working with the wider investment team to cover credit and industry research.
The strategy is managed by Sarasin & Partners in London. Henning Meyer acts as portfolio manager, Phil Collins as deputy. Guy Monson is Senior Partner and Chief Investment Officer.
Our multi-asset strategy is a complete one-stop portfolio solution. It aims to achieve a real return with a moderate risk profile by investing on a global basis.
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