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Sustainable Bond Total Return

The smart solution for an all-weather investment environment

Investors are puzzled about the direction of the global economy and financial markets, especially as we are entering a post-QE era. Are interest rates increasing (or not)? Is global growth accelerating (or not)? Is inflation going up (or not)?
Our strategy aims to deliver consistent and attractive risk-adjusted returns with very low volatility through the cycle. Total Return means the combination of several sources of return; coupon income is complemented with capital gains from credit, yield curve and foreign exchange.
The strategy is:
  • Flexible
  • Global
  • Unconstrained (no benchmark)
We slice and dice the market and organize it in terms of Investment Themes. Our distinctive investment process allocates capital to these Themes (e.g., allocation to US corporates expected to benefit from the US Tax Reform) depending on key forward-looking indicators in the macroeconomic environment.
"Our goal is to implement risk factors and sources of return that have very low correlation with each other, so as to achieve the highest expected returns with the lowest possible portfolio correlation, and ultimately low volatility."
The strategy invests globally, and thanks to its unconstrained nature we scan every square inch of the market to identify and seize the most attractive risk & return opportunities. The breadth of its investment universe, which includes more than 16,000 issuers, yields great potential for diversification.
The portfolio managers, Stephane Decrauzat and Vincent Rossier, have more than 40 years of cumulative experience and a proven track record in managing fixed income strategies.
The fund is an Article 8 fund under SFDR. Find out more.
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