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The Coming Green Recovery

In the past few months, much of the world’s focus has been on “flattening the curve” of COVID-19’ spread. While this is crucial, we should not forget the climate crisis, which poses a larger long-term threat. In our view, some of the vast sums of money pouring into the economy and businesses will help to bring about a new “green recovery”. It is still a question of flattening the curve, but this time, the CO2 emissions one.


Key points include:
  • The coronavirus crisis has exposed vulnerabilities and clearly illustrated the need for a reorientation of the global economy. Business as usual is no longer an option.
  • There is a clear necessity to shape the recovery in a way that makes the global economy more resilient and better equipped to deal with future crises.
  • Massive government spending to cushion the coronavirus crisis should be used to bring about a green and sustainable economic upswing.

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