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Integrating Biodiversity in the Investment Process

Biodiversity ensures natural sustainability for all life forms while boosting the efficiency and productivity of ecosystems, and securing their resilience. Humanity’s economic activities have a worldwide impact, but at the same time, our economy relies heavily on it. Studies show that 50% of the world’s GDP depends directly on ecosystem services. In our latest Sustainability Spotlight video, we explain why biodiversity is becoming financially material for investors and how we integrate biodiversity in our investment process.
Key points include:
  • Biodiversity is the variety of living organisms within and between species and ecosystems, essential for nature’s resilience. It allows and absorbs small shocks and with that avoids bigger, irreversible ones.
  • Biodiversity is becoming more and more financially material for investors.
  • As a pioneer in sustainable investing J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management includes biodiversity criteria in the investment process with the aim to reduce risks, deliver returns and change behaviour.
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