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Sustainable Investments Quarterly Newsletter
March 2022

Jointly Building a Sustainable Future

Chances for a successful sustainable development are highest if all stakeholders take responsibility for what they know best. Governments and regulators setting clear boundary conditions, creating accountability and ensuring the internalisation of external costs. Industry and businesses providing transparency, acting with a long-term strategic perspective and unleashing their innovative energy. Financial institutions and investors mobilising and allocating capital sustainably and in a risk-controlled way through ESG integration. Public institutions facilitating the implementation of reforms and establishing holistic educational curricula. In combination, there is no doubt that by bringing all the necessary pieces together we can also solve the climate puzzle.
This issue of the Sustainable Investments Quarterly highlights the need to act collectively in order to build a sustainable future.
Key topics covered:
  • Double materiality – an introduction
  • Company Example: Engagement Holcim
  • Interview Florian Weber–Sustainability objectives for fixed income funds
  • Double materiality and exclusions from the investment universe
  • Company Profile: Sulzer
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