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Partner with J. Safra Sarasin Sustainable Asset Management

We have the perspective of the investor in mind at all times

We are part of a group that caters to the most demanding private individuals and institutional clients across the globe. The group is an accomplished investor itself. This means we think, invest and take care of assets just like our clients do. By nature, we understand your needs and expectations: we have the perspective of the investor in mind at all times. We are the right partner to help you achieve your own investment objectives.
This perspective ensures we take risks into account during all phases of the investment process and makes us efficient in finding solutions to the different challenges that come along. Being aligned with our clients results in superior client experience and strong, long-term risk-adjusted returns.

We are pioneers and leaders in sustainable investments

Sust Investment Philosophy

We are pioneers in sustainable investments, having developed a proprietary research and investment framework continuously over the last 30 years. Today, we continue to be a leader in this field. Sustainability remains at the heart of our group’s philosophy. We believe it is only by taking the long-term view, nurturing relationships with clients, investing in high-quality assets, and taking care of those assets responsibly, that an asset management business can ensure sustained performance and resilience across economic cycles.

We have a global mind-set and act with high conviction

We recognise that all clients are unique and have their own needs and that no asset manager can be all things to all clients. Therefore our goal is to focus on the products and solutions we strongly believe in and where we can demonstrate specialist knowledge and excellence. We aim to help you achieve your performance objectives by thinking globally, being open-minded, acting with high conviction and high ethical standards, and providing innovative solutions.

We are long-term partners

Our purpose is to deliver strong, long-term investment performance and to be your partner for the long term. As a client you benefit from the exceptionally strong foundations of the J. Safra Sarasin Group, ranked among the top Swiss banks in terms of assets under management and total capital, with highly conservative risk management and stable private family ownership over generations.